KNX is the international standard for the intelligent electrical installations that is gradually replacing conventional electrical installations. Affiliated Standards:


European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1).

International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3).

Chinese Standard (GB/T 20965).

US Standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135).

What is KNX?

Our company was the first to deliver an EIB/KNX project in Cyprus in 1996. In the same year we became KNX partners (No 1993) and certified by the KNX association in Brussels. We have delivered a wide number of products with various applications including office buildings, hotels car parks and residences.Some of the applications achieved were light dimming, shutter and blind control,temperature monitoring, air-conditioning machine monitor and control etc.

KNX in Cyprus

Design and consultancy by certified KNX Engineers. Design,

installation, programming and commissioning of the KNX system

After sales service and maintenance

What we offer?

KNX system is the intelligent solution for networking and controlling home technology. Because of the automation, central control and linking of various functions, the system provides more comfort, security and energy efficiency in the building.

With KNX installed one can control lights shutters and blinds, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation with just one system. Easily with the use of one button or automaticly the intelligent house can behave in the way you want saving up energy and time. KNX is applied in residential buildings as well as office buildings and hotels.

Benefits of KNX



Observant network


KNX is always alert during the night and when you are on the road. The intelligent network for home automation connects motion detectors, window glass break sensors and blind controls with the alarm system, the emergency button and on demand with your mobile.

This ensures your protection and security –day and night!


Quick response


Never caught by surprise.  In case of smoke emission the networked smoke detector will alert you and all other inhabitants of fires breaking out. Also, water or gas leaks are recognized and reported immediately, long before irreparable damage can occur.  Even when you happen not to be at home!


Everything under control


Enjoy your holidays without any worries: The security settings of KNX can make your home appear inhabited – so you can sit back and relax.

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Energy Savings


Conscious use of energy ensures our future and makes your home more economical. KNX is one step ahead. Blinds, shutters, room thermostats, heating valves, window sensors and light sensors can communicate with each other via KNX. Intelligent networking automatically decreases the energy and heating consumption; for yourself a considerable benefit.  


Technology for the next Generations


Your house is alive. Generations will walk in and out. But KNX remains. The system will help you adapt your home automation system to your changing needs. This will increase the long term value of the real estate and in the long run decrease up-grading expenses.

Customized Products


KNX thinks in building blocks. We call it modular system technology. The big advantage: network and home automation can be expanded and rebuilt at any time. For small or large projects, renovation or new buildings KNX always has the best customized products and ensures the most efficient solution.


An open System


KNX gives you free product choice: More than 200 manufacturers offer a variety of KNX-certified and compatible products according to the latest technical standards, giving you full freedom of choice.  Built today for your tomorrow’s Needs Stay independent even when of age. Even if you are disabled you can continue to live independently in your home with KNX. KNX will make your wishes reality. It is your ‘old-age’ insurance for safe barrier-free living . If required you can always easily expand the system – for example add an emergency call or a house monitoring option.


KNX Partners


Customized Solutions for the Intelligent Home


KNX is the only worldwide open and future-proof standard for Home and Building Automation; it is the logical enhancement of EIB (since 1987).


For communication, 230V cabling (Power line) is used or  a low-voltage bus-system, radio signals  or IP. KNX is multi-application and controls lighting, heating, blinds, ventilation but also media and security technology. This creates an efficient system that can fulfil any individual need.  


Thanks to its networking capabilityone can realize functions that could before only be realized with considerable technical effort. Across the bus line, sensors such as motion detectors and thermostats give instructions to-actuators, which in turn then control for example lighting, heating or air conditioning in the house. The operation of the system can be carried out as conventionally via pushbuttons or touch panels. Remote control via the Internet or operation via the telephone is however also possible with KNX.


KNX is Flexible


An alternative to the wired (two-wire line) transmission of data within the bus system is radio transmission,  via the mains network or  via the Internet (IP). Radio transmission is ideal for renovation in existing buildings.

The electrical contractor ensures linking and programming according to the customer’s needs. The system can be easily, and at any time, adapted to changing needs or expanded with additional functions. This ensures you a high degree of flexibility.


Choose your Partner


KNX partners  are electrical contractors and building designersthat have acquired the necessary KNX skills. Already today more than 30 000 installation companies have trained themselves in more than 100 countries, figure constantly increasing. The choice is yours!



Any Day


Don’t waste your time on time-consuming routine jobs. KNX will be your discrete and reliable servant. Tell the system what to monitor and control. The intelligent home automation system will do the rest and will inform you automatically of the results.

Customized Comfort


The perfect light setting in your living room in the evening at the push of a single button. When inviting guests you can define the ambient lighting and music according to the occasion.


What is frequently needed must be good


Comfortable living thanks to the control of Blinds  dependent on light intensity, time or need. All lighting can easily be turned off via central switching.                        


All at one Glance


With a central Information Panel.

Investment with a Future


A System that maintains its Value


KNX is the only system that complies with the requirements of the European (EN50090) and the International (ISO/IEC 14543) standards for Home Automation. This conformity confirms the quality and value of the KNX technology. It serves as a token of quality for building owners. KNX is an open, expandable and therefore user-friendly system. It is already prepared for next-Generation products.


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